The Mission Driven Mom

For many years I have believed in the idea of Life Mission. I have had many experiences where I felt called by God to learn or do specific things in order to help others. Those have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

I recently ran across a book I wanted to tell you about. It’s written by a friend of mine who has studied life mission for the past several years. In her research, she found a pattern of how great men and women find their life mission–a pattern we can learn and follow to aid us in discovering and fulfilling our own personal life missions

She teaches this pattern through the lives of the ten Boom family–an incredible family that saved over 800 lives during WWII. She shares dozens of stories to clarify and outline the 7 Laws of Life Mission that this family and many other mission-driven individuals have lived. 

Her book is FREE right now on her website The Mission Driven Mom and I highly encourage you to get your own copy, read or listen to it and begin discovering and fulfilling your own God-given mission!” Once you click on the link in this paragraph, you will need to scroll down to find the link for the free book. You can also access the audio recording of the book, which is how I “read” it while taking my daily walks. 

You may want to look around her site and read some of her blogs before downloading the book. Or you may want to sign up for her MDM Facebook group to hear more about what is going on and to connect with other moms who are discovering and fulfilling their mission. If you know that you want to pursue your mission right away, you will want to join her academy and get mentoring each month for a reasonable fee.

I highly encourage you to see what this is all about and get involved. Not only will you feel the exhilaration from pursuing your own mission, but your children will watch you and learn from your example.



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