Who Says Science isn’t part of Humanities?

earthIn recent days, I have been learning about the Universal Model, a new millennial science that inspires the questioning of current theories. Presently, the theories of the Big Bang, the origin of species (the idea that humans came from apes), the earthly Magna core, and many other theories which have existed over a hundred years and which are taught as fact in educational institutions have been unproven. UM presents a new way of thinking. Rather than trying to make the natural world fit within the limits of the accepted theories as does modern science, UM expends their energy researching, experimenting and looking for natural laws with an open and inquisitive mind. For instance, instead of assuming that the earth’s core is made of magna, they are finding oceans of water below the earth’s crust; enough water to have covered the earth at the time of the flood during Noah’s time. This and many more discoveries have they made that make sense for the Creationist’s view.

My daughter and I will be attending a presentation tomorrow night to learn more. If any of this interests you, research their website or listen to a podcast (not a great recording, but very informative).

Now, about the title of this blog post: Why would I blog about science, you ask? Well, if we lived in the time of the ancient Greek sages, you wouldn’t dare ask that question because you would know that questions about the natural world were “naturally” integrated into philosophical conversations (pun intended). Like Aristotle, I too believe that the natural world should be part of the Great Conversation.


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